The Mill Meadows Society
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General wildlife on the site:

Mammals: Foxes, badgers, dormice(rare), harvest mice, muntjac deer, moles.
Birds: Great-spotted and green woodpeckers, bullfinch, goldfinch, blackcap, whitethroat, long-tailed tit, coal tit and sparrowhawk. Plus, in some years, willow warbler, garden warbler, lesser whitethroat, tawny owl, nightingale, cuckoo and turtle dove. All the common garden birds are well represented and kestrel, hobby, swallows, house martin and swift use the reserve for hunting. In winter: siskin, redwing, fieldfare and occasionally brambling.
Flora: Devils-bit scabious and, in some years, harebells. Common Spotted Orchids are abundant in early summer. Birds-foot trefoil, ox-eye daisies, cowslips, lady's smock (cuckooflower), marsh thistle, sneezewort, tormentil and ragged robin. In the autumn, fungi including some rarer waxcaps.
Insects: Invertebrate survey in 2000 identified 241 species, 50 (21%) of which are of at least local importance. Further survey would undoubtedly reveal greater invertebrate interest. A particularly significant number of scarce and locally notable species was recorded for Araned (spider) coleopterd (beetles). At least 24 species of butterfly have been recorded including orange tip, holly blue, small copper, small heath, essex skipper and painted lady.
Reptiles: common lizard, slow worm, grass snake.